ZAFUL Summer Wishlist


Hellou Wanderinos, how are you?!
Summer is finally approaching, and to be honest I can't wait to shop for some new trends!
I have to say that I've never really been into fashion and actual fashion dictated trends till this year!
I seem to like every new detail that 2017 is bringing on as far as clothes go!
So, here are some of the dreses/rompers/shirts that I'm eying for the hot season!
This time I've partnered up with Zaful to create this wish list!
Let's start!

palm beach

Needless to say, palm leaves (or just leaves in general)  are just the "it" print for this year, at the beginning I didn't get it that much, but now that I've seen multiple outfits styling them, I have to say that I'm totally sold! The green makes every skin tone pop even more, and this little dress would look flattering on anyone!

ruffles ruffles

This will be the perfect shirt for a night out on the beach, when you're standing in the breeze staring at the sunset on the Ocean! It's the twist to the white tee and jeans , but with  ruffles,ruffles, ruffles to make it more fun!

Silky smooth

I can't even begin to say how elegant this mini dress looks! His silky satin fabric will hug all your curves and the shininess of it will make you look delicate and mysterious! Plus it's off the shoulder, which is such a sexy thing! Doesn't it look like it comes  straight out of a high-end clothing collection?

Pastel Flowers

Did anyone mention florals? Oh yeah, this year they're making their comeback, but not in an old-fashioned way: what we want are pastel and subtle flowers, which will look so feminine, especially thanks to the aeriness of this dress! And again: cold shoulder, never forget about that!

Wild e free

Even in 2017 combos aren't going anywhere! This crop top and super short shorts are the perfect pick for a party with loads of dancing! They'll let you move freely and won't hide your perfect bikini body! Plus all the pompoms and the white just scream "holiday"!

Summertime Sadness

If your spirit tends to get a little boho but wants to stay sophisticated, this is the perfect choice for you! A lovely light, pastel green dress (very unexpected!) which will make your tan stand out even more! And just look at all the details: the ruffles on the shoulders, the little pompom at the waist and the other ruffle on the trim! SO classy!

cool girl

You were expecting this to be a dress, weren't you? Ha! It's not! It's a romper! But it's so open, and wide and flattering that it gives you the perfect girly look! When you don't wanna go for a white outfit, ivory is always the best option! And have you seen the cutout detail on the décolleté? Just stunning!

So these were my choices from the website Zaful for this summer....and you? What's the trend that you just can't wait to wear? Let me know in the comments down below!
See you soon!

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