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Ok, I know that I CAN’T be the only one!Nowadays, when I’m really in need for some “me” time, the first thing I think about is grabbing my Macbook and going online shopping!I know that not even a quarter of the clothes that I add to my cart will end up in my wardrobe,but that’s ok!The therapeutic part of shopping online is actually seeing all those beautiful things and admire them while we’re here thinking “Wow, I really wish I had an occasion to actually wear THAT dress!”.

One of the last websites I’ve discovered is OkDress.uk.com, a website that sells many cheap prom dresses, wedding dresses or, in general, special occasion dresses!

You already know the drill: It’s a website where you can shop by category, by color, by length or style of the dress!So it’s very practical, easy and quick to use!But the thing I liked the most about it, was the fact that instead of putting pics of dresses on skinny fake mannequins, their pics show the dresses actually worn in real life by real women, of different sizes, heights and age!

I find this so cool!This “selfie”-like system makes you see how the clothes you buy  really could look on you!That’s so amazing, and it makes you save so much time trying to figure out how the fabric’s gonna act on your skin, if the sequins are actually gonna shine, if the skirt will be following the movements of your body correctly….

So as usual here are some of my favorites from the website..Let’s start with the Pink Prom Dresses, just because lately I’m in a “pink” phase in my life (No, I mean, really, all pink errrrrrrything!)

I’m serious, give me a blush.-tones skirts, a bustier full of sequins and the first thing that comes to my mind is Ted Baker! Look at this dress, doesn’t it look like something you could've found at Selfridges for 100 times this price?

Same as before: beautiful dress, ridiculously low price!And look.at.that.back!Just amazing!

Can we talk about why they didn’t use this dress for the Cinderella movie?It’s too cute!

These dresses are so well-made and their style is so gorgeous that I could even appreciate this bright Yellow Prom Dress!

You know, I love me a sexy black dress…this one just slays! I’m really considering buying it!

I love two-pieces set, and this one is just gorgeous! I really do think that they just spice up your look and add “something new” to your style!

Perefction. There’s no other way to describe this beautiful, delicate evening dress! See hoe it elongates your figure with grace, and makes you look skinnier and taller? Exactly what I look for in a dress.

Who could resist to this stunning piece worn by the queen Taylor Swift? It’s just so elegantly balanced, with the golden sparkle of the sequins and that soft skirt….

And these were all my favorites from this website!
I really hope you liked my selection!Which one were your favorites??
Let me know in the comments down below!
See you with my next post!

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