❤ BEST OF 2014 - Makeup and random objects that made me happy during this past year! ^-^ ❤

[ENG and ITA post!]

A quick look into some of the things that made me happy during 2014!
And it's not only makeup related! :D
Maybe this way you'll get to know me a little bit better! ^-^

We all have some things in life that make us feel special every day..
One of those things could be a present from a close friend, a lipstick that makes us feel like a diva, a souvenir of a wonderful travel...
In this video I've decided to show you guys a fewof my favorite things from 2014, things that I'll bring in my heart forever, that are sweet, precious or funny for me to look at and think about!

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See you soon with another post!
Ciao ciao!


Abbiamo tutti degli oggetti che ci fanno sentire speciali ogni giorno...
Uno di questi potrebbe essere un regalo di un amico caro,un rossetto che ci fa sentire delle dive, un ssouvenir da un viaggio meraviglioso...
In questo video vi mostrerò alcune delle mie "cose" preferite del 2014, ricordi che porterò per sempre nel cuore, che sono dolci, preziose o divertenti per me!

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Ci vedremo presto con un altro post!
Bye bye!


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  2. Gorgeous :) Really cute! Have a happy 2015* Let's follow each other on GFC and G+? :)



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