outfit ideas for new year's eve!

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It's finally time to end this 2015 and jump into a new year full of new adventures!
To welcome 2016 there's nothing better than a shopping session, above all on a website like Sheinside, where you can find clothes on SALE even at a 85% off!!!
Since in my last post I showed you some more "classic" outfits, in this one I's like to show some sexy-er and edgy-et looks! 


Outfit Ideas for the Holiday Season!

HOLIDAY outfit ideas

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Hellou Wanderinos!
Christmas is almost here, bringing along an endless list of brunches, lunches, dinners, cocktails ... In short, a thousand opportunities to overeat in company of your  loved ones enjoying the most magical atmosphere of the year!
And of course  I’m here with my outfit ideas, but this time instead of thinking about cool nights out with friends, I decided to show you some sober and elegant looks, the kind of look you can wear to family parties, dinners with your colleagues or for a superchic New Year’s Eve!


GIVEAWAY : JORD Ely Maple Wood Watch (worth 129$ !)

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Aaaand it's finally GIVEAWAY time again! Wooo-hooo!

#FlashReview: JORD Wood Watches

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Something I had never heard of before: a watch made out of wood!!! *-*


❤ I'm leaving for DISNEYLAND!!! -Parto per DISNEYLAND!! !❤

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Find out about my new adventure!!! :D

VLOG #PillowTalk : Marzo tra Macbook, Colazione al Mc in pijama e altro!

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Ciao Wanderinos!
Oggi sono qui con un piccolo Vlog solo per voi italiani! ^-^


PRODOTTI BOCCIATI: SEPHORA, Capello Point, La riché Directions

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Macciao Wanderinos!
Eccovi qui una lista dei prodotti che ho ODIATO per quanto riguarda i capelli!
Lacche che non laccano, shampoo secchi che non shampano.... tante belle cose insomma! :D
Spero che questo video possa esservi utile, un bacione e a presto!!!
Scopriteli in questo post!


▲ OOTD: Aztec Vibes ▲

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What can I say?! I just LOVE this CARDI! *-*


🎀 OOTD: Alice in Vintageland 🎀

Well, what can I say... a little Vintage never hurt anybody :D


PRODOTTI BOCCIATI : KIKO, Essence, Bottega Verde, SEPHORA e Dr.Organic

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E' umanamente impossibile che ci piaccia sempre tutto!
Spesso mi capita di provare prodotti che mi deludono un pò, ma alla fine continuo ad utilizzarli per non sprecarli...altre volte invece mi imbatto in veri e propri flop per cui non avrei voluto sborsare nemmeno un centesimo!


#FlashReview : Essence "All About Nude" Eyeshadow Palette

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After my first #FlashReview about the "All About Sunrise" eyeshadow palette from Essence, here I am with the second one about the "All About Nude"one!
What do you think?
Will it be a fantastic palette ? Is it gonna be a waste of money? Find out in this video! ;)


❤ Huge KIKO Haul !!! ;P- Eyeshadow Palettes, Shine Lust Lip Tints, Eyes Clics, Infinity Eyeshadows and Water Eyeshadows ❤

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So, apparently when it comes to Makeup I'm a complete SHOPAHOLIC!!!

Oh well, who's with me?! ;)
Join me in my makeup splurge !


#FlashReview : Essence "All About Sunrise" Eyeshadow Palette

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Can a 4,50 € eyeshadow palette be a good "investment"? 
Find out in this new #FlashReview about the "All About Sunrise" eyeshadow palette from Essence!


❤ Valentine's Day Treats : Heart Cookies and Snacks in a Jar! ^-^ ❤

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Is anybody in desperate need for a last minute Valentine's Day Treat Idea??
Don't worry, I've got you covered! ;)


❤ Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping Ideas! ^-^ + Free Bow Template❤

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Love is in the Air....

Valentine's Day is here! And of course I'm here to share with you some of my ideas to make it even more special! In today's video I'll show you some Gift Wrapping ideas to make your presents look awesome even before they get unwrapped! :D

AND....I have a little gift for you: the Printable for this adorable Bow that you can put on your gifts! How cute is that?!? You're welcome! :D



✄ Steampunk Hero Makeup Tutorial ✄

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Hello Loserinos!
I've been wanting to do something inspired by Steampunk style for a while, and when I finally got the inspiration.....here's what happened! :D


❤ Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas - Which one are you? Chic, Edgy, Effortless, Boho or Clubbing ? ❤

Valentine's Day outfitideas title

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Hellou Loserinos!
So, as you've probably  noticed we're going towards Valentine's Day, and what better reason to buy something new to feel special and cute on this special day?!


Makeup Tutorial : Seneca Crane from "The Hunger Games"

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What do you guys think about "The Hunger Games"?!
I LOVE THEM! I love the movies and I recently started reading the books and they're just amazing!
Here in Italy it's almost Carnevale, which means that there are gonna be a lot of masquerades!
So I've decided to "help" all the guys out there: this makeup is easy to achieve AND I promise it's not unbearable!


❤ BEST OF 2014 - Makeup and random objects that made me happy during this past year! ^-^ ❤

[ENG and ITA post!]

A quick look into some of the things that made me happy during 2014!
And it's not only makeup related! :D
Maybe this way you'll get to know me a little bit better! ^-^


❤ What I got for Christmas 2014: a lot of KIKO, Disney and ...a NAKED palette?!?

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It's the most wonderful time of the year!....
Or should I say...it was? It has been? :D
I know this video comes a little late,a little explanation can be found here, but anyway it's never too late to be thankful for what we've got, and I'm super lucky to have a lovely family and amazing friends that always think about me at Christmas time and make me feel very special with all their gifts and presents!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! - 2015 Resolutions and Goals

So.. I guess I'm just gonna say "Happy New Year" !!!
Yeah, I know, we've already been in this "New Year" for a while now :P
But they say better late than never, right?! :)

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