▲Katy Perry - Unconditionally (Official Music Video) Makeup Tutorial ! ▲

[ENG version down below! ^-^]

Macciao  Katycats!!! :3
Adoro Katy Perry, la trovo sempre bellissima con o senza makeup!
Questa é la mia versione del trucco che indossava nel video ufficiale di "Unconditionally", nelle scene "all'aperto", sotto la neve...
E' molto semplice e naturale, ma lo trovo stupendo lo stesso!
Spero che vi piaccia ^^
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Ditemi cosa ne pensate ^^
A presto!
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Hellou Katycats!!! :3
I love Katy Perry, I think she's always gorgeous, no matter what kind of makeup look she has on!
Here's my take on one of the makeups that she was wearing in her "Unconditionally" Music Video. Since every single youtuber has already made a tutorial on the "more sophisticated" looks, I've decided to recreate the easiest one.
Hope you enjoy!
If you recreate this makeup please send me your pics on Facebook and you'll be featured in my next video!
Or just tag me on Instagram /Twitter or hashtag: #serenaloserlikem
Let me know what you think about it ^^
See you soon!

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